Sunday, March 20, 2011


This is the end result of weeks of hard work...I have everything backwards here...(it would seem I'll never get this right)....I now have my left thumb in a brace, and my right wrist and thumb in a brace..Didn't do the left thumb from making this guy was opening a door just as I was going out on the other side...dislocated it..gah!!!

He looks so different, when photographed indoors......................
At a certain point, I ripped off his bottem "feathers", as they were too bright, and I hated them...
See what I mean...I also covered his white "nose crest"..didn't like that either....In fact, I nearly chucked the entire project, but the gallery owner, Sonia, came and talked me down...
I used several shades of silk....fused together with a product called "Heat Bond" order to stiffen it, then cut hundreds of "feathers" and glued them on...hundreds...and hundreds.
I made his "base" from silk..(don't know why, as it didn't show), but it was lighter than other fabrics...I sewed it to buckram, and then, stuffed fiberfill in him (sort of "trapunto" style)..then, quilted keep the fiberfill from falling...Then, I sewed him on the canvas using copper wire..cutting myself alot...Hey, this wasn't easy..
How to make an eye...backwards, of course

His "pupil" is a velvet-covered button I made..then, I glue Swaroski (sp?) crystals to make the "catchlights" (that's a photography term for the light in an eye) This shows the "fusion" process...This was not an easy project...

The whole point of this is explained on the Stinger Studio website...go - read - enjoy-

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  1. I haven't been to Stinger Studio to see what this is all about, but I am impressed already!

    The changes you made did improve this feathered fowl - he is beautiful!

    So sorry, you hurt your 'fumb!

    Glad you came to see me - :)

    Going to Stinger now.