Sunday, March 14, 2010

Is She Ever Going to Talk About Design Again???

Yes, Virginia, she really is a designer, but she is also a gardener, and SPRING has come to Texas...luring her outdoors. First, she will take down the lights wrapped around the pecan trees (actually, would like to leave them, and light them at night, ala Tavern on The Green in New York City....but, I don't think my neighbors across the street will understand - even though they leave all the outside lights on every night). Then, she will cut back the dead Muley (pronouched "mooly") grass...pull the unwanted things and put in new mulch.

I am switching back to first person now. I am very excited, as my neighbor, Sandy and I have become friends. They started to put in an enclosed, stone garden area..(photos to follow), but ran out of money and ideas as to how to keep the deer out...
So, she and I are going to pool our money and ideas and get a garden going.....soon.
Gardening in Texas is a whole lot different that Wisconsin..(see the photos above)..I would post them with this paragraph, but am still wrestling with issues as to this %&)#@$* computer....

So, I am being called by birdsong, sweet breezes, and my little, yellow gardening wagon. Slapping on the garden hat, gloves, sunscreen, and going outside to play.

I do have some projects planned for the interior of my house, and I have a couple of clients, that are considering some, we are coming out of our houses, saying goodbye to winter, and moving forward...such fun!