Monday, December 7, 2009

They Said it Couldn't Be Done...

First, I want to thank my dear Kelly from for featuring me on her blog...(see yesterday's blog below). She's amazing..she knows how to do everything, especially, create wonderful slipcovers, and she can miter corners on wood moulding, and so much more! As they say in Texas, "I appreciate ya"..(really).

I wish I could give credit where credit is due as to this photo of peonies, but I did pull it off a blog, but it is so beautiful, and if whomever is out there would please let me know if it was you...I apologize for taking it, but miss peonies so...thankyou.

What they said couldn't be done (well, I said it couldn't be done) is to ruin a floorcloth. I did. For all of ya'll, who missed that one, go back in the archives and there is a tutorial about how to make them.
Floorcloths are hand-painted canvas, that have been primed front-and-back with latex paint, and after painting, sealed with a sealant (typically polyurathane.)

They can be placed on any surface, ie, stained concrete, tile, wood, etc., but not on carpet. They are durable, wipeable, and great for in front of kitchen sinks, (they can just be wiped with a damp cloth, instead of having to launder rugs constantly) in powder rooms, under kitchen/dining room tables, and on porches (if they are protected from the elements). I do not recommend they be used in bathrooms in front of showers or bathtubs, as more absorbant floor coverings in front of the shower or tub are safer. I do, however, have one in front of my vanity.

This is my kitchen island. I love my kitchen; it's small, but very practical. I love the countertops (granite), the floors (stained concrete), but I hate, hate, hate, my glass-top cooktop (which I have already broken). It's an all electric house. We are outside the city limits, and the option was propane....besides, by the time I found the house, it was nearly finished...too late.

But, I digress. I made this floorcloth two-and-a-half years ago, and I love it. It's held up beautifully...until.....(let me preface this by saying it's my own, stupid fault..also, the only other way to ruin a floorcloth besides what I did, is to fold it or put it on carpet and walk on it)...what did I do???? I didn't realize there was kitty litter on the floor under the floorcloth...I do sweep and wash my floors, really. I think what happened was I put what I thought was an empty kitty litter bag in the trash under my sink(I have to use small ones, because I cannot heft the biggies)...some residual litter must have fallen out, and marched under the idea...anyway, not knowing it was there, I walked on the floorcloth, and now, there are raised bumps from the litter, that will not come out. I am obsessive-compulsive, and an interior designer (they go hand-in-hand)..also, I make these to sell, so how can I have a damaged floorcloth? So, now I have to make a new one. I am going to replicate it, as I love this one...I am part Cherokee, so I honor my heritage when I can.

This one is in front of my has fared much better..the handprints are mine and my husband's. The deer is a replica from a cave painting here in Texas, and the other symbols represent good luck, health, etc.

Poor floorcloth...I had one in Wisconsin that still looked good after nine years. They are practically.......bullet-proof. Live and learn.

I have decided to make a wall hanging out of this one. I cannot bear to part with it...It took me forever to paint all that fringe. It is an exact replica of a ceremonial wedding dress (not Cherokee), but I love it. I have some leather strips, and I will attach it with them to a lovely walking stick my late brother-in-law made (he would like that), and hang it in my foyer.

On a totally different note, I made this painting and floorcloth, (taken from a Christmas card), and ended up donating it to a very good charitable cause...Now, I have to make another one for this Christmas...maybe...
So, children, remember to sweep well under your floorcloths...let that be a lesson to us all!