Tuesday, May 19, 2009

P.S. Did you know????

Okay, I'm a novice on the computer, I'll admit, but one thing I love about the blog photos, is you can double click on them, and they become HUGE!! Fun to see the details....

Many of you are saying, "well, yeah???".

Old dog learned a new trick...

Powder Rooms and Bathrooms

I believe that powder rooms should be like little jewel boxes; elegant, a bit quirky..chandeliers are elegant. I like vanities to be furniture, and lots of glow going on. Because they are small, one can splurge a bit, on more expensive wall coverings, or gold leafing, or pretty fixtures....

I like them to be a surprise to guests....it brings a smile to their faces, and women especially love putting on their lipstick and primping in such lovely surroundings.

These are a few of the "elegant ones"....later, I will show some of the more quirky ones.

Have fun with your home....especially, your powder room.