Saturday, May 30, 2009

My World and Welcome To It

I loved James Thurber's wonderful book by that title...sadly, he passed in 1961, but if you are not familiar with his wonderful cartoon drawings, please look his work up. This is my world now...we have lived in so many places; Boston, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and now, Texas....just outside of Austin.
Anyone who is a Texan knows this photo was taken a couple of months ago, as the bluebonnets have come and gone, but now, the wildflowers are everywhere (thanks to Ladybird Johnson).
I awoke early this morning, and stepped out to feed our deer....We are on three acres, and have chosen to keep the back (lot's of cedar, a few live oak, tall grasses, cacti) wild, as a sanctuary for the deer, who the moment they hear my door open, are right there, ready for thier morning corn and fresh water. This morning, the first fawn!!! What a beauty. And, yes, they truly do "frolic" was leaping and kicking up it's heels, and occasionally, falling down, but there's a lesson there...even if you fall down sometimes, don't forget to "frolic".

I went for a drive the otherday, chasing the rising sun....Babies and new life are everywhere...even little, baby longhorns...

Texas has it's own rough and tumble beauty...blooming cacti (just past their prime), live oak, that keep their leaves all winter, and shed them in the spring, juniper, cedar, barbed wire, and tall grasses......I don't think I will ever tire of it.

No matter where you live; be it city or country...take a little time on your usually hectic Saturday to stop and smell the cacti, or the roses, or just breathe!!!