Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pillows...Endless Possibilities

I think that one of the most important things I ever did was teach myself to sew. Sure, there was "Home Economics 1", where we were taught the sewing basics...even made myself a beautiful, red woolen suit...However, in the beginning of my interior design career, I often worked with workrooms, especially, on window treatments, but as time passed, I found myself wanting to dive in, and do it myself...designing as I went along..tweaking, eliminating, adding features.
I love fabric...I have a treasure trove of fabrics, as when I see a bargain, even if I don't have a use for it at the time, I buy it, and I buy it all....nothing is more frustrating than not having enough fabric for a project that I've already begun. That said, I also learned the fine art of combining fabrics (at first, out of desperation, later - it was just fun).
I spotted this wonderful, fern fabric, along with the stripe, in an unfinished furniture shop, that had tried selling fabrics, as well, but decided to discontinue them. I had a wonderful day that day. I spent a great deal of money, but got some of the most beautiful fabrics at incredible prices.
When we moved to Texas, I made this fabric into a duvet cover....I love doesn't matter how rumpled it gets, it still is lovely. Okay, you are thinking, "the title of the blog is "Pillows".....???"
I'm getting to them.

The very first Parade Home I visited in Austin had this wonderful pillow that caught my eye...I looked at the price: $350.00. It does have exquisite trim, and tapestry, and I am sure it was sold.
I was recently commissioned to do some pillows, along with window treatments for a client. When I went to the wonderful fabric store, I found the bird two colorways. We went with the blue, and added beaded trim.

Self-covered buttons are a great way to make the pillows "upholstered" fact, my client has a Candice Olsen tufted headboard, so we echoed it with the tufted pillow.l This pillow is one of my's in my bedroom, and I love it. I did a series of valences for a client, and I fell in love with the fabric. I always return all left over fabric to my clients...but, I also find myself buying some for myself...
This fabric was $75.00 a yard, my, I only bought a couple of extra yards....I did pair it with the Waverly floral $15.00 a yard. I love combining florals with plaids.

My guest bedroom is often occupied by my husband....what can I say...we snore, so one of us bails...he didn't want anything to "foofy", so I made a series of the bird pillows, and he loves them.
At first, he only wanted pillows that were "plain and simple", which is fine, but even he liked the fact that I added the trimmed out one, to punch it up a bit. Pillows and paint are the two least expensive ways to change the decor in your home...or to add "Spice".
I don't use pillow forms...I use fiberfill (unless a client insists on it)..I hate zippers in pillows...
I go to the Hobby Lobby website, and print out their 40% off coupon, and go to their sewing section. Up against the wall, where there are bags of fiberfill, often at $4.00 for just a bit, up high, there is a big, 5 pound box, that says Airtex Premium Quality fiberfill. It sells for $20.00, but with my 40% coupon, I get it for $12.00....Believe me, a five-pound box of fiberfill goes a very long way.
This pillow was one I made from a fabric sample. I used to work at Louis Shanks (very high-end furniture store in Austin - $20,000.00 sofas, etc., but the 106,000 sq. ft. showroom was just too much for me) fabrics are discontinued, I get a call from the librarian, and I go pick out what I want..she tosses the rest...

I found these pillows (just the forms) still in their packaging at the Goodwill for $3.00 each...I stuffed them, and they are a wonderful addition to the day bed in my husband's office....Never turn your nose up at the would be surprised what one finds there!I made these European shams quite some time ago, planning to use them in my bedroom, but changed my mind...they seemed a bit too "quiet" for me......................
I found this broach, and decided to play dress up with the pillow....I like to "walk on the wild side" every now and again....why not?
Now, I need to find a friend for him../ the red eyes!!!