Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thanks for the Tag, Right Back Atcha', Kelly

Okay, as usual, I have these photos backwards...pretty much the story of my computer skills life... Last year, at my builder's Christmas party, I sidled up to him (I'd had a bit o' Holiday cheer), and said, "As a Christmas present, I'd like to finish your two niches in your foyer"..he said, "that's great".
Now, it's November, and if I want to keep my promise, thought I, I'd best do it...I tend to put things off, but my friends, and clients know that, eventually, I will get there. Hey, I've taken photos of friends kids, as tykes, and they were driving by the time I got them to them...I feel bad about it, but I do finally get there. So, I finally got to the niches...I didn't do alot to the background, as it distracted from the objects we placed in them. My builder specializes in this wall finish...I have it in my house, and now that I brought out the detailing, I have to do my walls.
Okay, now this is how the two looked before...........................................................................

Kind of rushing it today, as my husband and I are going to San Marcos, to the largest discount mall in the fact, it was touted on "The View" as one of the five best places to shop in the world..yep, the world...with Dubai,as number one.....he needs shoes, and refuses to buy anything but a certain Italian brand he found there two years ago.. (waiter,there's a fly on my's driving me insane..but, I digress)..wore them every day for two years, and now that they are falling off his feet...I am dragging him back there.
I so appreciated Kelly's tag...her blog is and believe me, she's the queen of slip covers..go over there for her tutorial on making them..she got me over my zipper phobia...can't wait to try it...She's been so wonderful to me, I would love to reciprocate.
Made some new "shoe sachets" yesterday..stayed in my nightie, had reruns of "Project Runway" on, and sewed, and sewed...there are advantages to being self employed..this is one of them...
So, please enjoy the day, and say a prayer for all those who were touched by the horrible shooting at Ft. Hood, which is five miles from my husband's office. Being a Texan, an American, a mother, a human being, I cannot fathom how another human being can do this...I hate to leave this on such a sad note, but we are all mourning these losses, I am sure.