Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yesterday Was "One of Those Days"

Yesterday was one of those' "other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?" days (okay, politically incorrect, but Abe had a sense of humor, in fact, one great quote from many was, 'They say I am two-faced; if I had two faces, why would I be wearing this one'). Anyway, I was on my way to the new resale shop here in Georgetown, and as I was backing out of my garage, I heard a terrible "Whomp" , and the garage door had come down on my car..making a scratch on the back windshied, and the car had bumped out the garage to the point that I thought we would have to replace it. So, children, always make sure your garage door is ALL the way up, before backing out.
I called my husband, and was so shrill I am sure only dogs could hear me, and he was late for a meeting and couldn't talk...just said, "sorry". So, I called the garage guy, and he said a new door would cost $650.00 (gulp-there goes Christmas), but after he had seen it, he fixed it - for $96.00, and other than a few, small dents at the very bottem, it's fine...praise the Lord.

Today, I am cleaning high-traffic areas of the carpet, so haven't had much time to make fruit, or much of anything else, so I thought I'd share some photos of the "Ghosts of Christmas Past"...We are having friends in tomorrow evening, and being obsessive-compulsive, everything has to be as close to perfect as possible.
I loved my garden bunny, and he was very "seasonal", spending the spring and summers in the lovely garden, and gracing my coffee table for Christmas. I gave him to a wonderful friend of mine when I left, as she was ill, and admired him so much.....
Our house in Wisconsin was so very different than our Texas home. I was sort of in my "Victorian" period then, and instead of "less is more", more was more. I did make the footstool, and yes, gave that away, as well. Gussie Plushbottem Goodcat is warming herself by the fire. It's a gas fireplace, and I like our real, wood-burning better, as the gas give a nice ambiance, but you might as well cut a hole in the roof as far as being energy efficient.

This is Raisenette Funicello Buttafuco Badcat...with the erie eyes..he and Gussie took turns, trying to get the decorations off the staircase. This was before I painted it all white...looked so much better than the orginal "spec house" oak that is everywhere in WI.

Gussie is much smarter than Raisen...she opens cabinet doors, and rummages around, while Raisen can sit for hours by a partially open door, trying to figure out how to get through it..God love him.
With the winters being so long, cold, and dreary, I painted our walls a raspberry, and then, put a tobacco glaze over them. Before I left, I painted the mantel white...much prettier.

This was our "big back yard"....I dont' miss the all.

My beautiful friend, Cam in Wisconsin, took this photo a few days ago...she's such a good photographer. I LOVE the Yellow porch railing, contrasting with the recent blizzard results. I've asked permission to use this as my Christmas card this year, and she said yes...thanks, darlin'.

Again, in Wisconsin, my theory was "more is more", and here in Texas, I just have wrapped a few of our Pecan trees in lights, and have a couple of metal, lit topiaries...maybe, I'll try photographing them at night.
So, now is the time for me to clean carpets, and floors, and finish making everything as close to perfect as possible.....stay warm, and remember, it's better to have the garage door open when backing out.