Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Party's Over...

I am still waiting for my Geek to come..apparently, the entire world wants this guy, and he's so good I am willing to wait (a bit longer). Meantime, I can't upload new photos, and uploading even older ones is difficult. I chose this one because it really is me...crazy enough to climb out on a scaffolding consisting of two boards resting on ladders over a stairwell. But then, years ago, I was the one usually chosen to tie a rope around myself, and crawl out over an escalator (on a ladder laid across it) over a five-story drop - all to hang a wreath at Bloomingdale's..I am no longer THAT insane.

Today's a sad day for me...finally, time to take down the Christmas tree, put away the wreath, all the vignettes, and all the other holiday decor, and move on. I have giant Totes in my garage, and have been waiting for the weather to be a bit warmer (it is in the twenties in Texas today) so I can drag them into the house, but poor Christmas tree is not losing it's needles, but sort of caving in on itself. It is a Noble Fir, and Noble it has been...hasn't dropped nary a needle, and the scent has filled the room beautifully for a very long time. The woman from whom we bought it goes to Oregon every year and hand-picks every tree. So, next year, if you are looking for a wonderful tree, think Noble.

In the photo, I was glazing 5,000 square feet of wall (10 ft. ceilings), and couldn't reach a spot, so I took off my sock, and held the brush in my client (who has since become a dear friend, as many have) popped around the corner with her camera. I have this photo on the front of my portfolio...very classy, in overalls and a tshirt. Since that photo was taken, I have had major surgery, and the 5,000 sq.ft. jobs are over. In fact, I started glazing my little foyer two years ago, got a wrist injury (never wear high heels on cobblestone walks in Ft. Worth, Texas), and still haven't finished it. My goal is to finally do that this week.

So much of the Country is in the deep freeze at such extremes, that 20's isn't all that bad, but today, I will light a fire in the fireplace, put on Beethoven (along with a few Rolling Stones cd's to keep me moving), and move on.

I have such hope that this year will be easier...for us, for you, for all......
Happy New Year!