Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm Painting as Fast as I Can

The Art Fair at The Vineyard in Florence (Texas, that is) is on the 13th, and I've been painting everything I can get my hands on..

This oil painting was a struggle...She keeps turning out to look like Cher...I call it "Dreaming of Miguel"
These are "floorcloths", hand-painted canvas for your them on our stained concrete floors..they are practically bulletproof....

Watercolors...."Gathering Desert Storm"

Watercolor: "Coral Fish" (okay, I don't know if that's really a coral fish, but that's really coral.

Watercolor: "Of Course Their Yours" (referring to the roe - it's a joke, son")

Watercolor: "Aneome and Friend"

Watercolor: No title..any suggestions...I found these wonderful, iridescent watercolors..
There are fabulous glass paints, made by a French company - Pebeo...paint the glass, bake the glass, and they are permanent.
Off to paint some more...just one more week.....................