Sunday, August 23, 2009

Okay, here's the thing

I think I am pretty much burnt out on painting, but I have four more to finish before the woman, lovely woman...really ...who is coming to look at them on Tuesday comes to look at house is a mess...I have been using gold and silver leaf on several paintings, and it's not going well....for one thing, the never do gold or silver leafing on your kitchen island while the air conditioner is pumping away (it's Texas, the air conditioner is always pumping away).......
There was gold and silver snow, wafting around my head, landing on the paintings where it wasn't welcome...I'd been doing glazing, and some of the glaze was still sticky enough that I was gold and silver leafing where it wasn't supposed to be.

Also, my cat, Raisenette Funicello Buttafucco, has taken to peeing in my bed at five am..ew...I think he has Kittyheimer...he is thirteen...thank God I caught him in the act, and swatted him didn't get to the mattress, and so there I was, at five am, changing my sheets....

This is a rant, this isn't a blog, this is a tired, 61-year-old interior designer/artist, who has too much on her plate..(and I usually eat it, too), who is waiting for her husbands "trailer trash tuna casserole" to cool enough to put in the fridge, so he can take it to work...I am on Atkins, but I can't seem to cut out the wine.

Okay, enough...I am going to put the casserole in the fridge, the cat in the garage, the paintings back in the dining room/studio, and start again tomorrow.