Thursday, February 4, 2010

Taking a Break

Rather than just disappear...I wanted to post that I am taking a break..for many reasons..You may have noticed the deterioration of my; posts, moods, and computer skills (of which there were few to begin with). Also, my family is in crisis right now, and all of my attention and strength must go towards trying to fix the unfixable- Everyone has these times in their lives, and if they don't, they are so fortunate. I am blessed with a wonderful family for the most part..then there is the "shallow end of the gene pool", which causes great heartache and strife..which noone wants to hear about.

Sooo. When I return, towards the end of the month, I promise to have this blog up-and-running, and a new attitude...God Bless, and see you then.

By the way, I am still following allya'll's blogs, but this )#$*%#$ computer won't let me leave comments..I admire you all greatly.