Friday, May 6, 2011

Just One Word Of Encouragement....

The other morning, I arose, grabbed my camera, my "wellies" (there are snakes and creepy-crawleys in Texas), and went out to shoot. Lots of new babies, and a few big babies, as well. This was the photo I used as our Mother's Day card to my husband's 89-year-old mother. Sadly, my Mama died long ago, and this weekend is especially hard, as it is Mother's Day, and her birthday...I try not to cry the entire day, but it is difficult... My dear blogging friend, Rhonda, came to my rescue the other day....I was feeling that it wasn't worthwhile to even try to blog anymore, and she was so sweet. I think alot of us, when we look at blogs that have thousands and thousands of followers, think, "why bother"...I have come to the decision that I don't do it to advertise my design business, or whatever, but because I like to share parts of my life...

I am not one of those people, who changes my home everyother day (although, I used to do that, but now, I have one thumb in a brace - dislocated, and the other wrist is ruined from years of abuse - doing faux finishes and hauling around furniture).

My friend, Cam, said not to talk about it, or it wouldn't happen...but, I am working on a novel, and she's right..I need to talk less and write more.

I also am one of those 'round tuit' in, when I get around to it, I'm going to paint three different paintings that I have in my head...I got the supplies, and it's just sitting there, waitingI have decided to try masonite, as I have lots of frames, and framing is expensive, so rather than painting on the canvas' I have, I am having masonite cut to the size of the paintings...starting that process this weekend.

This whole thing is a bit disjointed, but I just realized that I have water aerobics in a half-hour, and need to spend at least fifteen minutes, squeezing myself into my suit...I have lost 12 lbs since February, walking, doing South Beach (with wine), and water least, I am consistent with that.

Thanks again, Rhonda, for reaching out to me.