Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kelly....Yep, My New Follower

I am dumber than dirt...I don't know how to leave comments...I don't know how to "follow"...I just am phumpering through all this blogging stuff...

Kelly, thanks for being a follower..I love your blog, now, I need someone to hold my hand and tell me what to do with this thing, called "comments" and "followers".

I have one painting to finish...the lovely lady came to my home (I've been pretty isolated these past three years)..these things mean alot to me...anyway, the woman who is arranging my show (oil paintings and one watercolor) came and we hit it off right away...She likes my work, my floorcloths...and on the way out the door, noticed the earrings I was wearing..."I have a necklace that goes with those earrings", she said....I said, "I got these at the Goodwill"...She said, "I gave them to the Goodwill, because they were too heavy for me"...Small world...We had a good laugh over it..There was a time I would have been mortified over, I just laugh.


I hang the show on Friday..then, I'm taking a long nap.