Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another Option for Silverleafing

I have notebooks...boy, do I have notebooks! I once was the "Queen of Magazines", and found it difficult to keep track of all the things of interest. So, I bought binders and sleeves, and found that I love to sit and cut out my articles, then, catagorize them. Now, I have about a dozen notebooks, some on bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, window treatments, cooking, entertaining, crafts, sewing, and gardening. It's all at my fingertips.
Speaking of "fingertips", here is an article that I found in my notebook last you know, I had done a post on silver leafing. This one seems much more concise, and neater...but, I used the same method on the large painting of my dear, deer, "Shadow". I didn't use a silver bole, as I wanted the yellow to shine through the cracks...
I have more to say, now that the exhibit is behind me....just wanted to share this.
Click on the image to read..enjoy!