Monday, July 20, 2009


Often, prospective clients ask me, "what's your style?" My answer is that my goal is to find their style, and interpret it for them. Of course, in my own home, my "style" is completely mine..and in Parade Homes, (unless they have been sold before building) I could usually have Carte Blanche, as my builder's knew my work, and as long as I stayed within budget, I could express my style.
Many of you, who watched Seinfeld may remember "The Soup Nazi"....There are designers out there whom I refer to as, "Design Nazis" in "You Must", "You Will", and force their style upon people, who are too intimidated to stand their ground, or too confused by what they think they are getting, and then, disappointed in the end. I have actually had several clients, who came to me after spending a great deal of money, and told me they just hated their homes once the designer got through with them.
I try to give clients all their dreams come true..not necessarily my dreams, as above, with two, countem', two giant-screened televisions (there were a total of eight and a home theatre by the time we got through. They were two gentlemen, who were huge sports enthusiasts, and also a bit into "wretched excess". I do try to keep some clients from what I call, "running with scissors", as in "you may regret that decision"....If they insist, they get it, but I do all I can to offer alternatives.
These clients had a wonderful sense of style; prefering open spaces, interesting vistas, a touch of tradition, along with something a bit exotic, as in the florals.

This client is Chilean, and loves intense, saturated colors, as reflected inthe sink she brought back from Mexico. We glazed the powder room walls with a burnt umber over salmon...she loves it.
These clients live in Europe eight months out of the year (he's a hockey player), and she was greatly influenced by the architecture and the large, French-influenced fireplaces. Keep in mind this was Wisconsin, so with the long winters, a fireplace is a necessity. She loves coffered ceilings, as do I. Eventually, he got his flat-screen tv, instead of the sailboat.
I have had clients, who when traveling, will call me to say they've found a piece of art they love, and should they get it? I tell them that, if they love it, by all means get it, and why do they need my permission? We always make it work........

Finally, I designed this study for a mother of three children, all under the age of five...she needed a place that she could retreat to that was serene, a bit feminine, but not overly so, where she could regroup and possibly sneak a nap in on the cushy sofa...
We all have our own styles, and we can't push them off onto other's. I very much dislike it, when a client says, "well, I want to see what my mother/friend/boyfriend/whatever" thinks...It's your home, your haven, and your decision...I am just there to make the dreams come true.