Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Warming Fire....

I spent Saturday sitting in a chair on the square..(sounds like a Dr. Suess book). Actually, it was our Georgetown square, built around the ubiquitous courthouse....where vendors set up their tents, and display their wares were my floorcloths, my painted glass, and my greeting cards...It was supposed to be a pretty day, but turned cold, and we Texans (okay, I've been here three years, but I guess I am a Texan by now..) are used to the heat, but the cold - well, it was a bit chilly. Having also lived in Wisconsin, I know about, I had on my cashmere/silk blend sweater, a jean jacket, and a lovely woolen and silk scarf my friend, Doris Jean, had made for me...I was quite cozy.

I sent many people away with literature and photos about the floorcloths and my design business, and did manage to sell a piece of my glass...came home three plants...two red yucca, and one Datura (purple moonflower)...can't wait to plant them.

Also, it is finally our "rainy season", and it is much, we built a fire this afternoon, watched the golf tournament, and just "cozified".

I love that we have a wood-burning fireplace, even though the gas ones are oh so much more convenient and much less messy..but we had the gas in Wisconsin, which was not energy efficient..might as well cut a hole in the roof. Anyway, it was lovely to recline on the sofa, and gaze into the fire.

Tomorrow is "excavation day"...time to finally get to my office and make an effort to uncover my desk...on to other things....looking forward~