Monday, October 5, 2009

Stop the World - I Want to Get Off!!

This pretty much has been my life for the past few??? weeks..seems like it's gone on forever... A circus...of getting up at 3 am, driving in downpours, decorating hundreds of trees.. threatening work stoppage to get paid, but Friday was the last of it!!! Perhaps by the day after Thanksgiving (the day I put up our tree), I will be able to put myself into that frame of mind..That said, I will have a very "traditional tree"..Actually, I am going to dedicate it to my deer, who are, sadly, "done in"....I know it is supposed to be a season of love and giving...I have to forget that there are trees out there with themes like "Circus", or "Princess Diva"...I am determined to pull back and to remember what this Christmas thing is about...The birth of Jesus Christ. I am not a devout Christain, and I appreciate that many families rely on this holiday to put food on their tables...but, I don't ever want to see another "Swell Noel" tree...puleeeze...many are pretty, but I've been there, done that, and bought the tee shirt..done with that completely. I was told I will have a job this time next year.....don't quite know what to say to that....Grateful for the work...but...

The chaos in some of the stores was terrible..but it's over now..
I made enough money to: pay for my cat, Raisenette's vet bill ($231), and for the deductible on my car for repairs (had a fairly serious car wreck this Sunday)...$250) for the motor in the back door of the car, which rolls the window up-and-down ($400 - seriously). I was hoping to buy a new camera - you may have noticed my photos are fuzzy - 8 year-old digital camera...and I still may..we shall see.
And so, my goal this Christmas is to have a lovely, simple tree, loving family around me, and a few good friends to celebrate this holiday...Meantime...on with Halloween!!!!