Friday, August 13, 2010

Faux Finishes, etc...

Since I've been "compartmentalizing", I've been having fun reading and remembering how fun it was to find these articles, and save them. I've spent hours-and-hours, going through magazines, and cutting out these things, and putting them in binders...which take up too much room...making room for my husband's books in a bookcase along side mine in my office....
I am a firm believer that aside from brain surgery, there's not much I can't learn from a book or a tutorial (I need to remind myself, when I am reading tutorials about the computer...there, I freeze up)...anyway, after learning these techniques, as a designer, I did many of my own faux finishes for clients...they loved them..In fact, time permitting, I will put some on the blog.

I do hope you find instruction and inspiration here...I know I did.............Don't forget, you can double-click, and read the print....try it...also, I always suggest doing a sample board before diving it...saves time, money, and tearing your hair out...been there, done that, bought the tshirt.

After learning these techniques, and before ruining my wrist with falls and other abuses, I was able to charge $50 a square ft. (those were the days), or more....everyone loved whatever I did.
Enjoy- I am off to water aerobics.