Saturday, December 5, 2009

Woke up This Morning.......

I awoke today, and wasn't feeling all that well - sore throat, headache, earache...I turned up the thermostat (it's supposed to be one of the programmed ones, but that means someone around here needs to know how to do that), and realized cold air was coming out of the registers, and the temperature was dropping! It's 28 degrees in Texas this morning! Our home is only three years old...but, we've had problems with the ac/heating unit. On the hottest days, it dies, and now...Thank God, there is an emergency system, and it is working. I have a call in to the guy... This is a photo of our five-minute "blizzard" yesterday. If you click on it and enlarge it, you may be able to see a few flakes.
I had to go out and break the ice in the bird's water dishes, and am still trying to figure out how a hunk of cast iron was broken out of the griddle I place their food in?????

My sidekick, "Raisenette Funicello Buttafuco" wanted to play this morning. I think he's quite dashing in this silver ribbon. After I realized he had peed on some of my velvet that I was intending to make "velvet fruit" out of (ew) (see below), I decided he wasn't nearly as cute.
Now, I call him "Viejo Gato Loco", which, I believe, translates from Spanish into, "Old Man Crazy Cat".

Look at this "who me" pose....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Our "Circus Bear" has guarded our door for the past three years. Before that, when we had a staircase, he performed tricks on that.

I hand-painted the "cloche", earlier, and decided it looked pretty with crystalized, I've decided to make some "velvet fruit" to place in it. Still rummaging about, looking for more velvet, because of you-know-who.

Yes, yet another vignette...we inherited this lovely, crystal and sterling silver salt cellars (complete with little, teeny-tiny spoons - which are put away for safekeeping) from dear Aunt Lily. I love them, and have them swimming about in powdered sugar (out of corn starch).
Here are a couple of pieces of the velvet fruit I make, however, these are stuffed with fiber fill, as I was using them on a wreath. I usually put lentils (that's right, lentils) in them, and they are wonderful "bean bag" but beautiful fruit. I sew crystals on them, amd make the buds out of ribbon. If I feel up to it today, I will make some with the lentils...or, I may go back to bed.

A figgy for figgy pudding. The gold champagne cups are from my husband's aunt and uncles's 50th anniversary celebration. The charger - Hobby Lobby.

"The Big Apple" - I have some Millener's leaves left, but again, you-know-who did you-know-what.
If my writing seems flat today, it's because I feel "flat"..well at least I tried...I'm thinking a nap is good for me...