Monday, November 30, 2009

Okay, Pull Yourself Together - Stop Laughing...Stop It!!!

I am still bustling shouldn't wear black velvet pajama bottems, and black top, when one is working with A. Glitter and 2. Corn Starch (corn starch is our friend...I use it as snow for some of my vigenettes). These are Belscnikels (sp)...okay, this is the laughing part...I went to my tool bar, and I went to "update toolbar", and it says the Spellcheck is on...don't count on it. I have no clue. Once I get the house decorated, I am calling in the Computer Geek Squad..lots of issues...I have no clue. Until then, put up with me, please. Back to the Belscnickels. These are some I put out last year. I have been collecting them over the years and love them. I did Google about the, and some guy in the Appaliachian Mountains (I do have a dictionary right next to me) gives them a bad rap. Says they dressed in rags, and threw candy on the floor, so the poor, little kids would have to go diving for it. I have decided I don't like this one....But then, Kris Kringle supposedly was Turkish, and would throw coins over the walls of harems in order to help women escape...who knows?

My Christmas tree is up, as is my wreath. They look suspiously like last years, as my husband requested I do a reinactment there. My mother-in-law was supposed to come for Christmas last year, but had injured her back, so she didn't get to see how I did last year's tree. I did switch out the toppers, and used some pine cones my friend, Juannell gave me on the wreath. Now, I am in full bore...

It is noon, and I'm a mess...I have glitter on my face, and I have splotches of white all over me...I have decided to put on a coat (it's cold today), slap my hat on my "bedhead" and dare to go to the supermarket. Of course, this will be the day that when I walk through the door, sirens and bells will go off, announcing that I am the 1,000,000 customer, and here's the newspaper guy and the television camera person..just my luck.

More later.