Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bathrooms of the Not as Rich and Famous

I loved doing this bathroom, in fact, I loved doing the was a Parade Home, and was nearly finished, when a couple bought it - a designer's nightmare, as all the surfaces, paint colors, furniture, carpeting, window treatments had been selected. The builder promised not to sell it until after the Parade of Homes was over, but he couldn't pass up a great offer...I was told by the new owners there would be no changes....Then, I would get calls from my vendors - "Did you know they changed the carpet color and said, "Don't Tell Jessica"?????? What!!! Now, I am not the "Design Nazi", and it is thier home, after all, and my job has always been to give my clients the home of their dreams...but, two weeks before the Parade, and they were changing things behind my back. I got control of the situation, and they got everything they wanted....I just had to be creative about making the furniture that I had ordered work with their changes.

They didn't change a thing about this fact, they loved it. The shower is reflected in the mirror, and there's room in it to have a party...The "floating cabinets" make the spacious space feel even larger. They loved the Ralph Lauren navy paint, and we all made nice.....


I wish I could say I did this bathroom, but it was one I toured while at a Parade of Homes in Austin, taken by me three years ago. Thus far, every photo I've posted was of a home I did, usually, a Parade Home, and I will always tell you if it was by someone else. That said, this is a wonderful bathroom...however, the trends are changing a bit, in that other than the five million dollar home above, more modest homes are getting away from the giant tubs, and putting more money into all kinds of walk in showers...with every bell, whistle, shower head, jet sprays, etc.

I love this bathroom...I love natural stone, tile, and the wonderful ambiance - when I grow up and marry a millionaire, I'm going to have a bathroom like this.....