Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Floorcloths??? What Are They???

Floorcloths are hand-painted canvas, that have been primed front and back with latex paint, and after painting, sealed with a sealant (typically polyurathane).

They can be placed on any surface, ie, stained concrete, (we use that alot in Texas for flooring, keeps the house cool..looks cool, but hard), tile, wood, etc. but not on carpet. They are durable, wipeable, and great for in front of kitchen sinks, (they can just be wiped with a damp cloth, instead of having to launder rugs constantly) kin powder rooms, under kitchen/dining room tables, and on porches (if they are protected from the elements). I do not recommend they be used in bathrooms, as more absorbant floor coverings in front of the shower or tub are safer.

Floorcloths date back to the 1600's, and were the precursor to linoleum. Itenerant artists often traveled house-to-house, painting floorcloths.

Floorcloths can also be adaped to wall hangings if one cannot bear to walk on them (although they are so durable).

Always secure your floorcloth with a non-skid carpet tape, placed around the hem on the underside..or a non-skid not use waffle-weave, or it will indent through. When placing your floorcloth, make sure the floor is clean. Every few years, a coat of non-yellowing, satin polyurathane is recommended, if it is starting to show wear. Clean your cloth with a mild soap and water, and wipe's that easy!

Never fold a floorcloth, but rather, roll it loosely.

I am an artist, so I do alot of free-hand work, but you can stencil, do graphic images, and not worry if you aren't great at drawing!

Some of the cloths I am showing are for commercial ventures (such as beauty salons), but not all...have fun with them!