Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Here a Chick Greetings

My friend, Sonia, has opened a gallery in Georgetown, and I have put together these "packets" of my hand-colored, black-and-white photograph greeting cards (Here a Chick Greetings)....They are doing quite well...
I found the angel wings at Hobby Lobby, and I cut out glittered paper to front it, and regular cardstock on the back..I wrapped four of the cards in tissue and sandwiched them between, then, using scraps of ribbon, I tied them up, and then, but the wings in....I quite like the concept, in fact, I have copyrighted my cards and the packaging..(I'm not paranoid, am I)?

I Do hope you like them, and you are welcome
to use the idea for gifting, but not resale...
(my husband, the contract guy, made
me add this..) bah humbug...!!