Saturday, May 16, 2009

Window Treatments

Custom window treatments can be terribly expensive, but I believe they are a great investment. Of course, I am biased, as I design and produce them. That said, I find I charge much less than many workrooms, or if you check out some furniture retailers, that also do window treatments, make sure your pacemaker is working, as your heart may stop when they give you their pricing!
The photos above are examples of how custom treatments are the finishing touch to a space. However, if there are no privacy issues, and you have a great view, along with pretty windows, I often encourage my clients to consider just letting the light in and enjoying the view. Perhaps shutters? I have no window treatments in my living room, as we have beautiful windows, woods, and deer for our view. I can look out and enjoy watching the deer eating my flowers......

I do love to "piece" window I did in the "stained glass"/Mondrian effect I achieved for the dining room. It is a western exposure, and, yes, the sun will eventually fade and probably destroy the fabric, but by piecing them together and leaving them unlined, I love the light shining through, and the "sweetlight" that fills the room. I do recommend lining silk, as it is expensive, and will break down, plus, I like the way they hang.
I like formal window treatments to resemble party dresses or ballgowns, adorned with trims, baubles and tassels! The only time I won't produce a client's window treatment is when it is $300 a yard silk...for that, I defer to a workroom...
The red floral chintz curtains with the lovely cat, are actually Ralph Lauren sheets, purchased in the clearance bin at TJ Maxx....Also, I am "she who dies with the most fabric" winner...well, I am not quite dead yet, but I have bins of beautiful fabric...When I see a great deal, I tend to buy it up, knowing eventually, I will use it.
I also have found that when you are trying to sell a home, especially in this market, having some pretty window treatments up make a huge difference...we won't tell them they were sheets in another life!