Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hello Dallas - At Least the Arts District

Finally, made it to Dallas...and really enjoyed it...I think we may have tried to pack in a bit too much for a day trip, but still enjoyed it...
We decided to visit the Arts District, and now that I've been to Dallas, I have more courage to go back, either alone, or with a friend (any takers?)...Hey, I lived and drove in Boston for twelve years, and that qualifies me to drive just about anywhere.
For me, Earth is one, big, I was especially taken by this Yoruba proverb...not so taken by their art - but, that's fine...Their tribe is in Nigeria and Benin...They had a strange religion, based on the number 20....okay, anyway...liked this proverb..
We rolled it at eleven am, which was great timing, as that is when everything opened...We decided to do the Nasher Sculpture Center first, as the outdoor gardens were open, and we wanted to beat the heat.
This is my guy, who takes the time to read about what is on exhibit there - me, I just grab my camera, and shoot what appeals to me...researching later (or not). I have the attention span of a three-year-old..... This exhibit did touch me; visually, I find it frightening, but it has a message: Magdalena Abakanowicz is the artist, and was a child in Poland during WWII..She lived through the German and Soviet invasion, experiencing firsthand the horrors perpetrated by dehumanized masses (I am quoting here) under the sway of evil leadership. she has said "A crowd is the most cruel because it begins to act like a brainless organism" She obviously has been in Filene's Basement during a big sale...Okay, totally tasteless, but when I get uncomfortable with reality, I tend to lean towards humor. Deal with it...
Hill Country in Texas has been so arrid, and we were astonished as to how green the countryside is, as we drove north. Of course, they do water the grounds husband had to stop me from running through the sprinklers, but it was such a respit to see water and green grass. In fact, the entire district was so beautiful, with Magnolias and pine-lined avenues, really lovely landscaping.

This was my favorite piece of art at the Nasher...don't ask who the artist is...I will try to find out later...His father used to tell him stories about a "walkway" to the sky, where people could go to find out about the is at least two stories high...very fun!

Next stop was the Crow (no, not row) Collection of Asian Art (free!!)(with donations, of course),where we saw wonderful things, but before we did that, there is a building adjacent to the Crow, where there is a fabulous restaurant, "Aija", on the second floor...buffet-style, elegant, but reasonably priced....nearly ate all the scrod, it was so yummy (and I don't like scrod)... Back at the Crow, this walkway, filled with origami butterflies was enchanting...I can't imagine how long it took to do them all, but think it might be something I can do with my hands when I watch tv...quit smoking, and can't knit or crochet...where would I hang them,you ask? Maybe in the back hallway, on the way to the garage..Right, I can just see my husband, fighting his way through them!
One of the exhibits is "Ancient Guardians of the Dead"..these guys were guards of ancient tombs, meant to frighten away robbers. These are "lokapalao", "heavenly guardians"...Tang Dynasty...I found them amusing, and I may just have to try to paint them... This guy kind of reminds me of Dom Deloise..On to the Dallas Museum of Art (amazing we did the entire thing in one day, and had time for a drink at Dakota's afterward - happy hour)....
Of everything there (fine, I skimmed through alot of it - they had some great exhibits, but after seeing the Egyptian exhibit in Boston, and so many larger exhibits of the Impressionists, etc., at the Met in NY, I just focused on things that I found more interesting...such as this incredible bronze...Don't know why I was so drawn to it...I do love all things Oriental, and the detail on this piece was amazing...It is of a Sea God, and his slave, presenting whatever that is to a Warrior...

On to Furnishings and Fine Art...I loved the fabric on this chair (18th Century), and photographed it, but found it interesting that they believe that, at one time, it was fitted for a chamber pot, and used in a lady's boudior..

LOVED this chandelier...
I looked up Patsy Lacy Griffeth, who gave this and the wonderful Zodiac mirror to the Museum.
Turns out she was an avid collector, and antique dealer, a ballroom dancer, and a rancher ....
Her daddy was a wildcatter, and she took over the ranch after his demise.

Love Van Gogh....One I hadn't seen before..No, this is not at the is the foxes I painted, and is in my dining room...for a really good painting of a fox...see below..

By Courbet, one of my favorite artists...By Pissaro - sp?- pointalism...I tried it once, nearly went blind and lost my mind...better him than me..still, I love it
One of the many of Monet's waterlillies....I believe it was one of his later works, as it is smaller, and I think his vision had begun to go...still, wonderful.
And so, as the five o'clock whistle blew (not really), but we did blow out of there right at five..thought we'd be stuck in traffic, but not so..
Stopped in Temple, and had a highly over-priced dinner at the "best", read "most expensive" restaurant in Temple...I won't name it, as my husband starts work there (in Temple, not the restaurant) tomorrow...still, it was a treat, as I've been dieting for two weeks, and I think I gained about half of what I lost back...I refuse to get on the scale until tomorrow...then, you may hear the shrieks..