Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!!

What's an Independence Day without BBQ ribs and fireworks? Well, we did do the ribs, but decided to skip the fireworks. Not trying to sound like a snob, but after living in Boston, where we could go down to Boston Harbor, and board "Old Ironsides", to watch the fireworks, or to go to "The Hatchshell on the shore of the Charles River, and experience the Boston Symphony Orchestra, playing "The 1812 Overture", complete with real cannon fire...I mean, please....I am not being a snob, it's just hard to top that.
What I did do was spend the day researching my plot to create a shop on many wonderful "shops". I think it's a great venue. Gone for me are the retail days.....thank goodness.
I did love my gallery in Wisconsin, but it's time to move into "Cyber Shopping".
I have a wonderful friend, who is getting me past my fear of computers (well, sort of), and she's my greatest champion, these days. Now, I am just agonizing whether to call it (my Etsy shop), "Jess Etc", or "Jess Etc."....any suggestions...?