Wednesday, August 10, 2011




We have been working day and night, establishing our new business, Enlightened Interiors LLC~the partnership of Jessica Schatz and Jeremy Potts - yes, "Potts/Schatz" has been a labor of love...and now, it's official.

Please join us at our new blog:

You have been so wonderful to me through the years; being patient, as I struggled with what to do with the rest of my career/life...through so many struggles..a few laughs, and a bit of bitching here-and-there, but now, I really love getting up in the morning, knowing that I am on a path that is so exciting.

I know that most of you probably don't know who Sister Parish and Albert Hadley were, and that's fine..they were design icons. Sister Parish was a socialite decorator, who decided to hang out her shingle in order to help with the finances, as her husband, who was an investment banker, was hard-hit in the stock market crash of 1929 (she married him in 1930, so it must have been love). Her real name was Dorothy May, but as the only daughter in a five-child family, she acquired the nickname "Sister", which lead to her being mistaken in the press as a nun with a talent for arranging furniture. She was known for her understated English country house look, chintz everywhere, combined with patchwork quilts, throws, and rag rugs that led to her being credited with the advent of American country style in the 1960's. She and Albert Hadley, no design slouch, either, but much younger and more contemporary in his style, became partners, and co-founded Parish-Hadley Associates. Parish was the first interior designer brought in to decorate the Kennedy White House.

Over a year ago, I met Jeremy, who was working in a home accessories store where I had purchased a mirror. From the time it took for him to carry it to my car to the time it took him to load it into the trunk, I knew he was special. He had recently graduated from design school, was frustrated because he was young and inexperienced (although he was lauded in his school as one of the best), and was searching. I was searching, as well, but for different reasons...I was experienced, but didn't have the technical, computer skills required for today's world, and he had all those skills, but not the experience to be hired in today's challenging economy. We became friends immediately. But, it was at least a year before I approached him as to a partnership...but, I finally did..and I am so glad!

Therefore, I bid adeau to Jessica's Interiors, Etc., and embrace fully this partnership. We work so well together, he is a determined, talented dynamo, and I am a determined, talented (yes, I have to say that) "woman with experience"...we shall go far...I have high hopes and expectations. is our new website...(okay, I had to do this without Jeremy's patient coaching over my shoulder..hopefully, you can get there from here)..this is what I'm talking about.

Again, thankyou, thankyou, and thankyou.

May the wind always be at your back...