Sunday, March 4, 2012

After a Long, Dry Spell

I have been neglecting my blog..not because I am bored with blogging, but if you read the post below this, you will better understand.  Every waking moment lately, I've been on an 11-ft. ladder..painting our ceiling, foyer, and fireplace breast.  Photos to follow.
Speaking of photos, while I've been out-and-about to some of my favorite places, I've shot some things I'd like to share..Here's a bit of a montage.
My favorite shop in Georgetown, Texas ..."Diva"
 I love the chest, and the entire look..Diva...

                               Usually, I amnot wild about silk arrangements, but these are lovely.
I'm pretty sure I need to feed my bookend obsession with this stack of celedon

I love birds, china, and combining the two is almost irresitable...
I may take a break from my painting, and visit Diva today...

It's Been a Long, Long Time Comin'

But a change is going to come.  We are selling our home, and moving to an yet to be determined destination.
It is a sign of these times.  I swore when we bought our Texas home, they would have to carry me out toes up.  Things happen.  My husband can't find work in Texas, and the design industry is terrible, so we have to adapt. Sooooooooooo, here's a few shots of what we are doing to stage our home..outside first.
This was taken before last season's drought..the grass burned up, and now,this Spring, clover has taken over..which is good, as it will add nitrogen to our poor soil. 
The space between the garage windows looked stark and made the house feel not so welcome...soooo. I designed a custom-made trellis...Now, my husband suggested a trellis, but after it was up, he hated it..said it was too large and heavy looking.  We thought about painting it, but it is a western exposure, and I think it wouldn't stand up under all that harsh, I think I finally found the solution.

I rather liked it the way it was, but it was not making our marriage any happier by arguing over it, so while he was away for a day, I went to my local Tuesday Morning...(I love Tuesday Morning)..and Home Depot Garden Center, and found these "Wall Mangers", wrought iron, filled with coconut hair (for lack of a better term)..I only fell off the ladder once while mounting them. 
We have deer, lots of deer, whom we feed corn, but that doesn't stop them from eating every plant and flower we've put out. Deer don't eat bougainvillea, and even if they did, I wanted something fairly out of their reach..just in case.
I have added Rosemary in pots, and will be adding some other plants in the round pots..probably Plumbago, which deer nibble at, but not too's the exterior.  We wanted to add shutters, but the windows are placed rather awkwardly on one wall, and would throw the look off.  Maybe our next home....