Sunday, March 4, 2012

After a Long, Dry Spell

I have been neglecting my blog..not because I am bored with blogging, but if you read the post below this, you will better understand.  Every waking moment lately, I've been on an 11-ft. ladder..painting our ceiling, foyer, and fireplace breast.  Photos to follow.
Speaking of photos, while I've been out-and-about to some of my favorite places, I've shot some things I'd like to share..Here's a bit of a montage.
My favorite shop in Georgetown, Texas ..."Diva"
 I love the chest, and the entire look..Diva...

                               Usually, I amnot wild about silk arrangements, but these are lovely.
I'm pretty sure I need to feed my bookend obsession with this stack of celedon

I love birds, china, and combining the two is almost irresitable...
I may take a break from my painting, and visit Diva today...

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