Sunday, October 18, 2009

Love What You Haven't Done to the Place

Was a comment delivered to my husband by some people, who were business associates visiting his new office. My husband's response was, "yeah, and my wife's an interior designer". So, Friday I loaded up some art (he had taken my desert painting earlier, but was afraid to hang it)...some blue-and-white Chines vases, some hand-painted black-and-white photos, some bookends, etc., and struck out for his office (forty-five minutes from where we live).

I took photos of the space after I put everything in place, but am struggling with uploading onto my computer (have to call in the geeks)...but, I will try again tomorrow. I personally, think it looks much better...he likes it, as does his boss...who was having a meeting when I arrived...(they moved into the conference room while I did my magic)..At least it is a decent space to begin with..
See this lamp...this is a butt-ugly lamp...I am trying to convince him it has to go..he has no windows (which is why I put a landscape in...I traditionally put landscapes in offices with no windows...creates a "vista" to look out upon). I quoted the late, great Oscar Wilde, who was reported to, on his deathbed, have said, "either this wallpaper goes, or I go"....I tried it with the lamp. He doesn't want to buy a lamp for his desk, so I am going to have to be sneaky, and just find one at a very, very good price for him.

He wants nothing on his desk, so that he can, as he says, "spread out"...You would think that after twenty-seven years (in March), I would have him trained better...
I will return with photos of "after".
Right now, I am going to go and eat ribs..yum.
It was 72 here in Texas today; we are reaping the rewards of months of searing heat...took a five-mile walk, had lunch at Fish City (oyster nachos with pico de gyo (sp?), and some ice cream, as my mouth caught fire...gardened...planted a Datura (purple and white moonflower), and a few red yucca - well..had to murder fire ants in one of them before I can plant.
Not an eventful weekend, but sometimes, those are the best.
P.S. Next day: My husband just called to say it was lovely to walk into his office this Monday morning...nice.