Sunday, October 18, 2009

Love What You Haven't Done to the Place

Was a comment delivered to my husband by some people, who were business associates visiting his new office. My husband's response was, "yeah, and my wife's an interior designer". So, Friday I loaded up some art (he had taken my desert painting earlier, but was afraid to hang it)...some blue-and-white Chines vases, some hand-painted black-and-white photos, some bookends, etc., and struck out for his office (forty-five minutes from where we live).

I took photos of the space after I put everything in place, but am struggling with uploading onto my computer (have to call in the geeks)...but, I will try again tomorrow. I personally, think it looks much better...he likes it, as does his boss...who was having a meeting when I arrived...(they moved into the conference room while I did my magic)..At least it is a decent space to begin with..
See this lamp...this is a butt-ugly lamp...I am trying to convince him it has to go..he has no windows (which is why I put a landscape in...I traditionally put landscapes in offices with no windows...creates a "vista" to look out upon). I quoted the late, great Oscar Wilde, who was reported to, on his deathbed, have said, "either this wallpaper goes, or I go"....I tried it with the lamp. He doesn't want to buy a lamp for his desk, so I am going to have to be sneaky, and just find one at a very, very good price for him.

He wants nothing on his desk, so that he can, as he says, "spread out"...You would think that after twenty-seven years (in March), I would have him trained better...
I will return with photos of "after".
Right now, I am going to go and eat ribs..yum.
It was 72 here in Texas today; we are reaping the rewards of months of searing heat...took a five-mile walk, had lunch at Fish City (oyster nachos with pico de gyo (sp?), and some ice cream, as my mouth caught fire...gardened...planted a Datura (purple and white moonflower), and a few red yucca - well..had to murder fire ants in one of them before I can plant.
Not an eventful weekend, but sometimes, those are the best.
P.S. Next day: My husband just called to say it was lovely to walk into his office this Monday morning...nice.


  1. OK, I can't wait to see the after. I love that painting! I'm jealous he gets it in his office. You should put the "change" on "Met Monday" next Monday. I mean when you get the after photos loaded. You will probably have about 15 people come look at it. They all come over for the event. If you want to try it, I'll tell you the steps.

  2. These "before" pics remind me of my husband! lol