Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This One's for Kelly

I love Kelly...never met her, but I love her...I follow her blog, . She's my greatest cheerleader. KiaKai/ said in a comment on my last post that my life was more exciting than yours...I seriously doubt that..seriously...for example, yesterday, I; got up..made beds, fed cats, cleaned litter boxes (bleached and washed and dried, or else Raisenette won't use them), did three loads of laundry, swept the floors, did last night's dishes (I seldom leave dishes overnight, but wasn't feeling well), cleaned out the fridge (evolution was taking place in the crisper), cleaned all the appliances, cleaned the countertops (I found out that plain old rubbing alcohol makes them shine (thanks to my friend, Stephanie), filled out my quarterly taxes, went to the post office, sanded and painted my french door that opens out to the porch, worked on my office (found my desk), went to the grocery store, went to the bank, came home and cooked dinner (catfish, tomatoes, and green beans), did dishes, watched "Dancing With the Stars", went to bed, read three pages of a book (an ex-husband has written a novel, and although I am "described" in it, play no obvious role, thank God...I don't think it's very good, as I fell asleep reading it). That was a day in my "exciting life"..HA!

Kelly can refurbish, refinish, renovate, restore, and repurpose anything...really....and she's a very kind person...she loves animals, as do I...

Well, for some reason the photos of my husband's office just don't do it justice. I think it's because I used a flash, and was in a hurry, but here they are...


  1. Alright I get it! I laughed the whole time I was reading this. YOU'RE the one who should write a book. Erma Bombeck style.
    The office turned out great! I love the blue and white. Just perfect for a man.
    Also, I was in the Dollar Tree store one day and a woman was buying lots of clear stemware to paint. It looked so fun, and the glasses were very wieghty and sturdy. Nice stuff. Is that where you get your's?
    See you're always into something.
    :) :) Kelly

  2. The one thing I truly have in common with Erma is my ironing board has been set up since 1967..I can't get it to fold back up, so it sits in the garage...I have one that folds down out of the wall, but it's too small for my taste.
    I buy my glass at TJMaxx, Tuesday Morning...etc. I buy lighter, more refined glasses, not because I am a snob, but I just like them better...I break them better, too.
    I tried to moderate Kay Larch's comment through, but somehow, it isn't coming through..will try again.

  3. I love Kelly also! ... and she led me to you. :-) Love your fish paintings and cherry bowls ... Your chinese bookends are beautiful! I'll keep reading your interesting and educational writing. :-) - SherylCanadianGirl

  4. Sheryl- I have a lovely friend in, I have two.
    Kelly has been my greatest supporter...I feel like she's an old friend I've known forever).
    Thanks, it is so nice to sit down, open my email and find comments from a lovely lady like you.
    I love those bookends as well, one of those "finds"..not expensive, and I will always smile when I look at them.