Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Round Tuit

I am having difficulty with my computer....I cannot import new photos, nor perform certain, I am going to bite the bullet and call in a "computer geek" (that will teach me to try to mess with settings on my computer).

Meantime, I will explain what "A Round Tuit" means. Years ago, I was in a family owned hardware store, and on the wall was a round piece of cardboard that said "A Round Tuit" other words, when I get "around too it", I am going to: totally excavate my office (I do have photos of before, but am ashamed to post them) - when it is finished, I will post the afters...You would think an interior designer's office would be picture-perfect, but for months, I've been so busy, that I just keep throwing stuff in the office...
In case you are wondering why the angels and the Wise Men, I have decided these will be my Christmas ornament project this year. After decorating over a hundred Christmas trees for Macy's, I decided that my tree this year will be what the holiday is about...not "Teen Divas", with pink poodles, etc., nor "Wine Trees" (although it is very pretty), but about the birth of Christ. I am going to decoupage these images on round (there's that round tuit again) pieces of balsa wood, that I have gold-leafed, then put a ribbon through a hole, and hang them....
Alrighty then, I also said, "I'm going to get back to exercising", so here I gooooooooo!


  1. You just about made me cry!!!
    I love that you are going to make your tree special with the glorious birth of our precious baby Jesus.
    I cannot wait to see it. I know that it will be splendid!!
    I have a book that has punch out Nativity (Activity as one of my kiddeos called it !!!)
    characters. I never punched them out. I should check the copyright to see if they can be copied- I'm betting not.


  2. Hi Jessica,
    These little ornaments remind me of my mother. She used to have a lot of Victorian things like this. She would use them for ornamnets too. And don't we wish more people would see Christmas for what it truly is...The birth of Christ. But... I gotta say...those little Artic ornaments were so cute!