Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another Option for Silverleafing

I have notebooks...boy, do I have notebooks! I once was the "Queen of Magazines", and found it difficult to keep track of all the things of interest. So, I bought binders and sleeves, and found that I love to sit and cut out my articles, then, catagorize them. Now, I have about a dozen notebooks, some on bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, window treatments, cooking, entertaining, crafts, sewing, and gardening. It's all at my fingertips.
Speaking of "fingertips", here is an article that I found in my notebook last you know, I had done a post on silver leafing. This one seems much more concise, and neater...but, I used the same method on the large painting of my dear, deer, "Shadow". I didn't use a silver bole, as I wanted the yellow to shine through the cracks...
I have more to say, now that the exhibit is behind me....just wanted to share this.
Click on the image to read..enjoy!


  1. Hey Jessica,
    Thanks for the complements on my kitchen. It means a lot. I see you found my sister's blog. Kay Larch. I told her about you. You 2 have a lot in common.
    I love your silverleaf posts. I never thought of doing the back of a cabinet! I love this! I'm gonna try it for sure. I'm also going to by a thrift store cheap chandelier and silverleaf it and use the black shades that came with mine in the kitchen. I'll use it in our home office. I'll show you when I finish.