Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day, Ya'll

Well, I have been gone (in case anyone noticed)....Blogging takes time, and it takes responses to keep one going...I do appreciate the responses so much, and to be truthful, just got discouraged. But, I am sucking it up, and moving forward.

Happy Valentine's Day...I made this card for my husband, who said, "that's nice", and then, I had to ask for a hug...this is turning me into a curmudgeon, isn't it? So, here..have a lovely day...(maybe I should have finished my coffee before this) Actually, if you can guess what this is, you are amazing...This is why I've been so busy of late...
Stinger Studios here in Georgetown, Texas has put out a "call for artists"..It's called "Art for a Song", and Sonia, the owner, has taken a wonderful song, (I won't reveal it yet), and we all chose a line from it to interpret...My line is, "And the nightbirds cease their song"...I have lost my mind.
Below, is the drawing, taped to a huge canvas..(that's the foot of my bed it's leaning against)..the canvas is five feet X 3ft.
I have the background in place now...(the entire thing is going to be velvet and silk)..the rest is a secret...Right now, it reminds me of the cartoon character, "Opus"..remember Opus..?

I will do my best to keep you, off to make feathers...

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