Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Am Not Ignoring You

Since my return from the very,very long, tiring, expensive trip, and the publication of the article in the local Georgetown magazine, I have been so busy...
I promise you, I am not ignoring you...in fact, as I drift in-and-out of sleep in the middle of the night, I think, "I really should just get up and go write"...then, Raisen screams to be fed, or throws up in the hall...or, I just manage to get back to sleep..which is what I seem to need right now...sleep.

They say lavender makes you sleep well....This field was so delightful, I stopped and bought some..on Long Island - used it in the wedding for a swag over the arbor. The wedding? Yes, I photographed my husband's Godchild's wedding outside of Boston....I will put up the photos soon, as I finally got my Geek to help me with "issues". The other best part of my trip was seeing all the green and flowers...especially, the blue hydrangea...they were all over New England...
So, rest your eyes on these lovely images.....
I will be back...soon...I promise.


  1. That field of lavender is gorgeous! What lovely photos, can't wait to see the wedding pictures. Hope you are getting a chance to catch up and breathe some. Kat

  2. Okay, we do need to meet, don't you think?