Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's Always Something

Years ago, a wonderful comedienne, Gilda Radner, who was one of the first of the "Saturday Night Live" crew, died of ovarian cancer. Before she died, she wrote a wonderful book called, "It's Always Something". No, I do not have ovarian cancer (praise God), but I am having to look at life with that title in mind. There will always be "something"'s how we deal with it that matters. I read the other day about people who live to be a hundred (I don't want to), and one of the common threads they shared was being resilent....rolling with the punchs...and there have been some pretty hard punches of late. I've decided to "roll on".

I know this is a "design blog", but haven't had much opportunity nor even interest in design lately. Sad but true, as it has been a passion of mine...that said, I do have a job coming up (again, praise God), small, but nevertheless....but, there are some things I would like to share with of which is about that angel...
She belonged to Aunt Lily, who, if you read back a short ways, you will find my tribute to her after she passed. My husband and I went to Tennessee for her memorial service, and we were staying at my mother-in-law's home. The angel was one of Lily's many music boxes, or in this case, a musical angel. She was sitting on the dresser in our bedroom, and when I entered the room, she began to play...I wasn't treading heavily, in fact I was across the room from her. I called my husband into the room, and we stood transfixed. It was playing "Silent Night", and all it played was the last line, "sleep in heavenly peace". We both agreed that was Lily's way of reaching out to us.....very comforting....So, sleep in Heavenly peace", dear Lily.

Yesterday, I had a terrible revelation; my beautiful, grey, Gussie has suddenly gone completely blind. Just yesterday morning, she was gazing out at the squirrel in the bird feeder, crying to get out...I let her out, and she roamed the porch a bit, and then, came in...she certainly could see then. About an hour later, I went into the laundry room, where the kitty food, etc. were, and she was sitting there, staring intently (or so I thought) at something. I tried to see what she was looking at, but nothing unusual was there. Then, she walked right into a wall, poor baby. My first inclination was to rush her to the emergency vet, but my husband (who has his doctorite in anatomy and cellular biology), looked at her, and said it appeared she'd had a stroke, and to take her in on Monday. She was purring, and didn't seem in fact, she was much less concerned about it than I. She can find her litter box, her food and water, get up-and-down on the bed, find her little, round basket she sleeps in, and let me love on her.

I stood in the shower for quite awhile yesterday, sobbing, (I do my crying in the shower)...finally just broke...and now, I must move forward...Miss Gussie seems non-plussed about the whole thing. I've decided to stop in at the vet's and talk to them, as she is terrified of vets, cars, carrying cages, and now that she's blind, I think it would be too much for her...besides, she's very smart. I can sneak out to the garage, and quietly get her carrying cage down from the shelf, yet, somehow, she knows it, and retreats under the bed, out of my reach.

Now, aren't you glad I'm back, and I've shared all this cheery "stuff" with you?
Humor has gotten me through so many of life's traumas, and I lay in bed this morning, trying to compose a Country Western song, using the latest events, but nothing would rhyme...oh well.


  1. Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry about the kitty! I luv my old dog the same way! And I cry in the shower too, btw! Chin up! I'm glad you're back...try to think good thoughts, okay?!

  2. Thanks, I did decide to take her to the, I have to figure out how to get her out from under the bed...
    It's sad, but she is fourteen...
    As to chin up - with all the weight I'm gaining, it should be "chins up" HA..(okay, I do try to find a reason to laugh.

  3. Jess, sending love to you and Gussie.

    My 18 year old pug went completely blind at about 15, and after a little period of adjustment, she got around fine inside the house until she at last "went over the rainbow bridge" at 18. Whatever happens, Gussie knows and feels how much you care about her. How we do love our animal companions! Glad you are back and writing here again.

  4. Just came back from a walk, asking for guidence from above....the best thing for her, etc.
    Yes, we do love them, and it tears us apart,when they suffer....
    Thanks, I am glad to be helps...