Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Romatic Period

Terrible problems with my computer, and the geek stillhasn't returned my call...so, they say "a picture is worth a thousand words"...As a photographer, (hand-painted) and an interior designer, I went through my "Romatic Period"...Still have that love of romance, gentleness, happy endings, living with lovely in my heart, but now, I am in Texas, and my home is different...although my bedroom is my "romantic refuges".

The only photograph that isn't mine is the one of my Grandaughter, Hannah, embracing an elderly gentleman..the rest..mine.

The framed photo of the hat was one I gave to my friend, Ginna, who asked for something romantic to look at as she lay dying...

So, enough with the words..enjoy the photos.


  1. Jessica,
    These pictures are just lovely. I still really like romantic decorating. It's so feminine. I think most women would love to have at least a little something in their homes. Even though some men can't deal.
    Can't wait for the Geek to get there. You need to be done with this problem and start having fun on the computer again.
    xoxoxo Kelly

  2. Lovely pictures Jessica...Thanks for sharing...I love the romantic look and don't think I could ever get rid of it ha ha!! My bedroom is all in pink even the carpet...very girly ha ha!! someone once asked me how my Hubs could take a pink Bedroom and I told them he was asleep when in there ha ha!! the truth be told he would't notice if I had a dead cow on the floor so long as it was dusted ha ha!! Many blessings to you this coming year my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. Hey Kelly,
    It would seem geeks are very busy these days..
    I am determined to get one here by the end of the week..meantime, I have to dig out my office (once again), take down the tree, etc., so am keeping busy.
    Can't wait to get moving again on the computer..lots of ideas.
    Miss you,

  4. Hey Gloria,
    You are too funny. Mine notices the house, but I could set myself on fire, and run through the house naked, and he wouldn't look up from the news..sigh.
    Same to you for the coming years.

  5. Okay, give me that geeks phone number!!! I want to hear those ideas right now!!!!!

    Lovin' your photographs. They are beautiful!

  6. Oh Rhonda, If only I could..I am doing a search..whomever comes first wins.