Monday, January 4, 2010

Gratitude - vs -Attitude

It's the weirdest thing; when I upload my photo, it shows, then, when I hit "save now", it becomes "code" - no photo, but when I preview, or I publish, there it, I am waiting to see what my "Geek" says...meantime, I am not putting in alot of photos..but then, I don't have alot to share right now...I have been spending time, lying in my bed, contemplating...not much else to do when one feels like I felt...much better now, thankyou very much.

While I was lying about, allowing my husband and my mother-in-law to do all the work, (it's no fun, though, because one feels so lousy...being sick is a waste of time)...anyway, I had time to think - trying to keep my mind off my sore throat....
I made a list...actually, lots of lists..but then, don't we all at this time of year, start to think about putting our "plans" into action; be it losing weight (number 1 in women), getting our house in order, our lives in order, etc.

Okay..list 1 - but then, there's that list that I forget to write often list of gratitude...I know, this is supposed to be a design blog, but it's my blog, and if I want to be grateful and list stuff, it's MY blog..(still a bit cranky here)..
I am grateful for: My family (even though I didn't get to spend Chritmas with my son, I know he is safe, healthy, and can keep warm). He is not in the Middle East, protecting us.
My husband makes me crazy alot of the time....we've been together for many years, and believe me, it's not been easy...but, he did wait on me hand-and-foot, bring me anything I requested, cooked, cleaned, shopped, and entertained my mother-in-law...He also keeps a very nice roof over my head.

My mother in law is wonderful...88, sharp as a tack, and although she didn't stop talking the entire time she was here, I understand, for I spend a great deal of time alone, and when someone is around, I tend to try to make up for all that time alone.

My home: 75% of the world's population doesn't have a decent home, many have nothing over their heads, many live in refugee camps.
I love my home; and I have plans to make it even more my home...I also need to edit...give alot of the things I don't use to the Goodwill, where it can do someone less fortunate than I some, well, good.

My health: strep throat ain't no trip to Baskin Robbins, but I am grateful I had some antibiotics to knock it back....before those wonderful drugs were invented, people died of what I had...

My friends: scattered all over the place...those that shore me up (many of whom I have met through this blog), those who call to make sure I'm okay...those who have been in my life forever, and the new ones, who have reached out to me here in Texas; invited me into their lives and their homes...especially, the ones I don't have to behave around...

My talent: not bragging here, just grateful that there are some things I can do better than others (who can do many things better than me)...I only say this because since the recession, the move, the surgery I had, etc., the design business has dropped off the face of the Earth, but as my friend says, "they can't take away your talent"...I also have many shortcomings, and much to learn, but the eagerness to create is what keeps me going.

The Internet: yes, even though my computer is driving me crazy, the Internet has opened so many doors for me. Much the way books have always taught and transported me, the Net has introduced me to the world of everything...also, I can communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Our Country: seems broken right now, but when you compare what we have to what much of the world has, I am very grateful...especially to those who serve and protect.

Am I sappy, probably, is this boring, not to me, but probably tomany others...but, now is a great time for us all to sit down and write our gratitude list.

So, I have done my chores, my workout, and I finally have my home all to myself...

By the way, the photo of the waterfall is here in Texas...a magical place....

Time to let the healing waters (okay, not the waterfall, but my shower) wash over me, (oh yes, I am grateful for showers)....

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  1. Hi Jess,
    This is a great New Year's post. You've been doing a lot of thinking girl. Well, I agree with you. I can't wait to see what's in store for 2010, and I am very thankful for what I have. Work with it one day at a time... right?
    Hugs, Hugs