Sunday, October 25, 2009

Red, I love Red

Diana Vreeland, who was the editor of "Vogue" for about a hundred years, said "everyone should have a red room in their home". I have had red rooms...not here in Texas, as it's hottern'hell here in the summer, and I think it would just melt the house....but, I used red in so many homes in Wisconsin, where it is coldern'cold in the winter..which are long, dreary, and long...did I mention they are long?
Since moving to Texas, I still love red...but in moderation...I know, I seldom do anything in moderation, which gets me in so much trouble, I can't even tell you.... There are so many permutations of red - I can't find a "true red" on my color palatte on my computer, so this is as close as it gets...

This dining room was "miso red" (Martha Stewart), which has brownish tonality to it..with a dash of violet...

This dining room started out as "Jamaican Red", which I then put a burnt sienna glaze over...yum!

For the Fourth of July, I used this tiny, red checked cloth, and my patriotic rooster, waving the old, "Red, White, and Blue".

I love shots of red with golds, browns, etc....(styled this bed)...long, long ago.

Frankly, I would lose my mind in this room, and I wouldn't sleep a wink, but the art director for the Graber/Springs Window Fashions shoot wanted to really "pop" the black blinds..and do they ever. Actually, it does have a more "youthful" audience.

Okay, some would call this orange...which to me, is red in another life...more of a brick red...again, Wisconsin...cold...long...winters...hence, the fireplace I designed...

After moving to Texas, I sold (on good old Craig's list) this duvet cover, and matching sheets, by Ralph Lauren, why, you ask?...Because, you can't see scorpions on these sheets (seriously)...we now have white and taupe sheets....

I had a magazine article in Madison Magazine, showcasing this home...The kitchen is "Red Pepper", with wonderful "Country French" window treatments and accents..
Same home, same article....This is the powder room to end all powder rooms...I gold-leafed the ceiling, the door (a pocket door), and the mouldings...then, I aged them...The owner is Oriental, but his wife is a nice, German woman, who is a hospice nurse...she wanted "life" and "lot's of whimsey"...The fellow in the niche was named, "Peeking you PeePee" (we couldn't help ourselves)...

I found these "book boxes" at the largest outlet mall in the world (really) San a Pier One..they were originally $24.00 each (which was rediculous), and I got them for....drum roll....79 cents!! They are wonderful - I do have to figure out how to label them, as stick-on adhesive labels come right off the fabric. I will probably (one of these mornings like this morning, when I am wide awake at 3 am) print some out and use my trusty glue gun..
I finally got my desk cleared...noone who has been in my studio will believe this, as it hasn't been cleared in two years, but it is done..and I love it..of course, right now, I am hand-painting glass, so it is strewn with , well, glass, and paint pots, and paper towels..but the glass top is perfect for me. I got this desk (actually, a slab of glass on metal tubed sawhorses) for $50 twenty years ago, and it has served me well.
I used this wonderful, Waverly pattern (sheets, actually, but you can still buy the fabric), for window treatments in my studio - yep, that's my desk, and I painted the cherry bowl. So much to paint before the Market Day event mid-November.

This was a "Parade Home" (again, Wisconsin), and the woman who bought it had moved "South" from Minnesota.."Yea, you betcha" land. She fell in love with this study...bought the house, the art, and everything in the room...I love using outdoor lighting as sconces.

Finally, these are the pillows on my bed...and speaking of which, even though I've had a cup of coffee, I've been up since two am, painting glass, screwing up my computer, and writing's now 6:52, and I am going to go lay my head down on these pillows...


  1. Oh I love red too, but in the desert just in small doses. It's too hot here too. All of the pics are just gorgeous. Love all the shades of red. Hugs, Marty

  2. Lovely post. I had a red dining room in our last home. Now, my powder room is "Foxy" a pretty rusty red. I love it.
    I cracked up at peeking pee pee!! And I love the red books!
    And I do look too, nightgowns that feel like butta!

  3. Thanks, for the comments...I have been trying to leave comments for ya'll, and sometimes it works, sometimes, not so much...I just seem to keep getting into trouble on the computer...Told my husband I need the "Geek Squad".

  4. Hey Jess,
    I love your office with the glass desk and the cherry bowl is too cute! The fabric for the drapes is gorgeous. Love the bathroom and the kitchen. I wish more people in blogland could see these pics. You are so good!! If I lived it TX, I'd be your assistant. I could learn so much from you.

    I've been having trouble leaving comments too. It says I can't leave one, but I just keep clicking "post comment" under "Google accnt". and it finally lets me through. Try that.

    The red checks and the rooster are such a cute idea for the 4th!

  5. I do so love coming here, and being cheered up by such lovely comments by lovely ladies...It is pouring here today, so I am sequestered at my desk (the glass one), painting, painting...