Monday, October 26, 2009

A Little Song, A Little Dance....

.....a little seltzer down your pants! Okay,it's Monday morning, and it's pouring rain, and I awoke thinking, "the best part is, I don't have to get up, get dressed, and drive in it".....feeling a bit goofy, I thought I'd just try to brighten your Monday. This is Ginna Mae, the "peanut", in my big, cherry bowl...I have been painting cherry bowls for days, now..they sell well..but getting tired of doing little, red circle thingys.
I found these wonderful, iridescent watercolors quite awhile ago, and painted this "Iceland Poppy", which I donated to our local animal shelter for it's silent auction fundraiser...hope someone bought it..I didn't go, as the theme was "chocolate", and I knew I'd go face down in the chocolate fountain.

More iridesecent water colors...I am going to approach "Fish City" (a restaurant), and see if she wants to buy them, after all, I eat their oysters all the time...yum. I did have their "oyster Nachos" the other day, and my mouth is still on fire!

I did this dining room for a Parade Home in Madison, WI (I did twelve Parade homes over the years, it was like giving birth to twelve children..enough was enough).
Ithought of this because it is pouring rain today, and it was doing so when I was painting all the olives around the lighted tray....I watched in horror as all the sod they had put down that morning slid into the street....
Did I mention I love red...loved the chairs, and no, I didn't paint the sideboard, but would love to give one a shot.


  1. Hey Jessica, Love your work. What a cutie in the cherry bowl! Where do you get the bowls to paint.

    That's cool watercolor paint. Bright, beautiful fish.
    I think you should paint furniture, like that buffet. Another way to show your artistic talents. Also, it's so expensive.

  2. THank you, thank you, thank you....I get my bowls, glass, etc., at my "haunts", as in TXMaxx, Marshalls, Goodwill, etc., I refuse to pay too much, but I still want good quality glass...Perhaps I will do a "tutorial" on my blog...working like crazy today...doing "shoe sachets"..will post some.
    As far as painting furniture, I have done some custom pieces for clients, but that's sort of dried up right now with today's economy.
    I want to take some time to go back over your blog, as it is so inspiring.
    bty, what happened to your Tunes????

  3. I love the fish water colors. And I love the little bitty peanut in the cherry bowl. Wouldn't that make a sweet painting?!

  4. I don't know how I missed your comment, Darlin/, Yes, it would...maybe I should???