Saturday, July 18, 2009

Two in One Day!!!

It would seem I am in transition...from Interior Designer (for over twenty years), who loves design, everything much wonderful "eye candy" out there. I just asked my husband if he thought that "Eye Candy" would be a good name for my new Etsy shop, and he laughed(well, he sort of snorted), and said, "Eye Candy" usually has a sexual connotation to it...I told him, that to me, it was a nice window treatment, or a beautiful each his own.

I suppose what I am saying is I am definately "branching out"...spent so many years in interior design, and I will never turn my back on it completely, but at my age - you will have to torture me to get it out of me, I am thinking about "options"...When one is a certain age, one thinks there are endless years ahead...I can see the horizon from where I stand, and I need to think about what my desires are for my future...Design? Art? Photograpy? Writing? I cannot imagine the people, who say, "I dont' knw what I want to be when I grow up"...I want to be it all.

I went back to a few days ago, and realized I was sort of posting the same old stuff as the other day....I have an excuse...I got up at 4 am, and hadn't had my coffee yet....Went out and walked three was still cool enough to do that. The roosters were crowing, the peacocks were making their wild baby screams (yes, there are wild peacocks, and noone knows from where they sprang)...the dogs came out and barked at me...a roadrunner went by me...I went "beep beep", but it totally ignored me. I said hello to several, very familiar deer, who when they saw me, hightailed it to my house to be fed.

I know that for awhile, I will be a Christmas Tree Lady...Then, I will be an Etsy Shop Owner, and I hope to publish a children's book soon...that's top secret, so don't tell anyone...
Okay, the chicken on the bbq is nearly done...the baker's are ready to come out, and the wine is waiting to be opened.
Life goes on.

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