Sunday, June 21, 2009

Salute to Fathers

This is the only existing photograph of my family together....It was a black-and-white, and I reprinted it, and hand-painted it. It is such a "fifties" image.
This isn't about the photograph, it's about my father, for most of us in this Country are celebrating Father's Day in one form or another. That's me, sitting on his lap. I often look at that photograph and wonder about the dynamics when it was being taken; my mother and I are looking off in one direction, my sister is looking straight ahead, and my daddy is looking another...strange...but I digress.
I didn't get many years with my father, as not long after this, he was shot in the line of our front sister and I saw it (although, thank goodness, I was too young to remember). I don't want this to be depressing, as I have come to terms with all of this a long time ago. If one doesn't work though the tragedies in one's life, what is the point? We have to make our lives as meaningful, peaceful, useful, beautiful, loving, and happy as we can...
So, I have to believe that my father is in a better's been forty (can that be) years since he left this Earth, but especially on this day, I think of him and embrace him in my heart. As to all the other fathers out there (my son included, who is the father of six), I salute you; enjoy your day.
As to the fathers who, for whatever reason, cannot be with their children, especially, those of you, who are serving our well, safe, and...Happy Father's Day.

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