Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Here a Chick" Greeting Cards is Born

Over the years, as a professional photographer, I have accumulated so many images, that I decided it was time to turn them into greeting cards. I am working on creating a sight on ETSY, and hope to have it up and running soon. My husband made sure that I had all the images under copyright, before releasing them into the world....He's the left-brained scientist, and a perfect foil for this right-brained artist!

For many years, I did hand-colored black-and-white portraits (mostly of children)...this was the precurser to photoshop, so all of it was done the old fashioned way...shoot, print in black-and-white, sepia-tone, and then, hand-painted with special oil paints. This little guy just happens to be my grandson (who is grown now, and is mortified everytime he sees this)!

These images are from my "Romantic America" series...all shot in my yard, or home.
"Gussie on the Porch"

I working on a children's book, and am using these images, but love them so much, decided not to wait, and to publish them as greeting cards.....

All of the cards are 5"X 7" fine cardstock, and they are all blank. I do think this makes a good
"Happy Independence Day" card.

Best topiary ever: "Happy Father's Day"

This colt was named "In Like Flynn" Another of my "Romatic America" Series.....Hand-colored black-and- white..........
"Here A Chick" hand-colored black-and-white"
Our beloved "Gizmo".............Hand-painted black & sweetie................
"Something New is Afoot" Hand-painted black & white

Miss Gussie Plushbottem, making her debut as the next "Hang in There" kitten - Color "Some Day My Prince Will Come'

Cheery Shepherd, in Cherry Hat....dear Beau

"Brianna, Always Running"

"Life is just a bowl of cherries & Ginna Maes"...

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