Saturday, June 6, 2009

In Another Life, Far, Far Away

I was a photostylist - (still am, just haven't done it since I moved from Wisconsin to Texas)...What that means is I set up shots for commercial photographers, who usually have a client, who has an Art Director, who dictates there "vision", and then, I am off and running....a giant scavenger hunt.... whether, hardline - furniture, window blinds, room settings, or food (I know how to make fake ice cream, and I have been known to "roast " a turkey with a blow torch) or whatever the challenge,I once had a rat poison shoot, with real rats..ew - it sounds like fun - and it can be, but it is hard work...For once all the props are gathered and the the scene is set, there's the lighting, the "tweaking", the climbing on ladders to install window blinds, the painting of the set, the setting in of the floor, the crawling around under funiture and picking up lint, the steaming of the goes on forever....

It's all an "optical delusion"....For example..the little handbag is Marzipan (almond paste with green food coloring, and gold-leafed clasp)....
It's also several days to a few weeks away from home, in a motel room...16-hour days on set, lots of flaring tempers, and hot lights...but, the pay is pretty good.
I did a 17-hour shoot for Sub Zero. A video, that I never saw, as it was shot and then, whisked away to Paris, to introduce Sub Zero Refridgerators and Wolf Ranges to the French...oh well.
This was a shoot for Springs/Graber Window Fashions....These are all sets, which are meticulously set up, photographed, then, torn down, and everything has to be returned...Sewed the window valence and ironing board cover in the conference room, while everyone was waiting impaitently on set. By the way, laying your tile diagonally gives the space a more spacious feel...just a little hint.

The people from the sporting goods store, where I got all the props ,were not impressed when I returned them all...In fact, there are stores from which I have been banned, once they caught on.

Springs/Graber have products at different price points, directed at different age groups, and finacial status...This is geared towards the younger set...The red does scream a bit, but it made for a dramatic shot.

Not my favorite shot, but again, the Art Director dictates the theme, and she/he knows who the customer is, and if very good at gearing it towards them.I like the serenity of this bathroom shot...and I do like the "towel ring dog".......

I used to have a pickup truck, for it's difficult to stuff a palm tree in the back of the Buick.....
So, if you need someone to roast your turkey with a blow torch, I'm your girl!

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