Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting Tired of Bathrooms Yet????

Last one for awhile....I liked doing this was a post 1930's style home, and I loved having that sleekness and simplicity...another Parade Home, but this time, worked with the owners from the beginning, and loved it. The "En Suite" bathroom's dark cabinetry (alaBarbara Barry style), Diamond Blue paint color, and just a hint of opalescence (the horizontal stripe ran from the bathroom through to the bedroom), gave it a serene, classic feel.
Funny, the other day I was watching my favorite design show: "Divine Design" - I love Candice Olsen, and there was my color combination, along with my stripe...honest, I did this bathroom years before that one...great minds???

We live in a wonderful, Texas-style house...."Rattlesnake Limestone", polished, acid-stained concrete it...the master bath is fun...but needs a kick...working on that...I also started glazing the walls on my foyer a year ago..hurt my wrist, and it's still not finished..I believe it's called, "the cobbler's children have no shoes"...

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