Thursday, October 20, 2011

Running Away From Home (Page)

You are probably wondering, "Why is this woman rambling, and why is this entire post backwards, and why the heck is she here anyway....? Just because I learned to love coming here, and although it was started (hence the title - Jessica's Interior's Etc) the Etc. was the fun part. So, now I am a partner in Enlightened Interiors LLC, and am working on building a business in a (in case ya'll have noticed) a terrible economy...too much worry, too many people out-of-work..including my husband - too many angry included...So, I came to just put up my photos..say, "Hey", hey, and go to bed, perchance to dream something more interesting than this blog. (and yes, it is backwards).

I don't know if anyone comes here anymore, but if you do, thanks..

This is Evelyn, loving her roses...You might want to read this post backwards, as that is exactly what it is my life..topsy-turvy, upside-down, ass-backwards....

Why is it that on my "other blog", the photos are in order, the writing is in order, and on this one, I just can't seem to get there....I can't put a HERE, and you click on it, and it takes you wherever...SO, I am too tired to just fight it, and I ran away from facebook for awhile..and am sharing my black-and-white photos... This was our beloved "Lizzie" dog, and our very much missed "Mehetible"...Lizzie was a sweetie, and would share just about anything with anyone...except for "Cow", and this duck...She tried to share, but just couldn't.

They both have been gone for such a long time, but I miss them every day.

I know, I'm supposed to be doing other things; working on my/our other blog, "Enlightened Interiors"...and I do...I also love my design partner, but there is a part of me that needs to be here, as well

Fine, my photos are out-of-order, my thoughts are random, I'm not talking about Interior Design, but then, I have another blog for that

To me, the world has gone mad..just crazy mad.

I went through some of my thousands of black-and-white negatives the other day, and had some printed off, after which, I scanned them in. I miss my darkroom....I know that things are much easier here in computer-land, but there was something about going into my very "rustic", (read, no running water, in the basement, with the spiders, cold, damp, and well...dark), putting some music on (usuallyNPR), and spending hours, standing on my feet on a concrete floor...making magic. Well, I thought it was making magic.

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