Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pillow Talk-Or, How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

So, the holidays are over....I love them...I do...but, I know we are (for the most part) ready to move on....
I spent a great deal of the season making pillows...My friend, Sonia, has opened a wonderful, new gallery (she's a talented artist), Stinger Studios, in Georgetown, Texas, and invited me to place my hand-painted glass, photos, etc. (Etc. is my middle name) there before Christmas...I did manage to do that, along with one holiday-oriented pillow. The rest shown here finally made it to the Grand Opening of her gallery last night. (You couldn't move, there were so many people there..very exciting!)

I have discovered the wonders of printing images from my computer onto fabric sheets, and then, making pillows - six of them in a few weeks time...exhausting, but truly fun to learn new techniques in not only using my 6-color, wonderful printer, but utilizing the tons of fabrics I have saved over the years, along with all the beads, trims, jewelry, geegaws, Etc...

I found the sheets at Michaels, and I am sure they can be purchased on-line, as well.

I placed these pillows in Stinger Studio's windows just hours before the opening (after my husband rescued me, as when I went to deliver them, I realized I'd locked myself out of my car)...Some of my glass is shown here, as well.
The botanical pillow was an image, that I had scanned years ago, just because I loved it so much....The silk front was leftover from a window treatment, and I got all that wonderful, gold gimp from Hobby Lobby for a great price!

The dragonfly was another treasure, that I've had for years-and-years...The velvet was part of my stash, and I "embossed" it in one corner by using a rubber stamp, and a steam iron...when I recover from all this, I will do a tutorial for you. I also learned a wonderful "trick" with regarding to sewing velvet, which loves to "crawl"...again, another time, another they say, "desperation is the mother of invention - along with tips from the Internet"...

This is my mother-in-law's favorite....she spent three weeks with us (she's 89, and amazing), and we had fun, shopping in Austin for just the right silk backing (I don't have all the right silks, but didn't have to buy any front velvet or silk)...
This is actually the BACK of my "Angel Pillow"...I inadvertently got ink on my finished pillow (GAHHHHH!!), so, I used iron-on tape to make a pocket; and I tucked in (between sheets of vellum) an Angelology...which tells which angels are the rulers of certain Zodiac signs, Etc. (there's the Etc. again)....I just had to attach the feather, viola, a two-sided pillow...

The angel image if from the "Graphics Fairy" (thankyou, Graphics Fairy", and the velvet is the remains of a wonderful, Eileen Fisher top (I love her), which finally is like butter....
My "Midievil Illumination" pillow has a wonderful, old brooch, which I dug out of my treasure trove....

Again, I must thank "The Graphics Fairy" for this image of "A Visit From Santa"...the check is leftover from my duvet cover I made, and the mother-of-pearl buttons once belonged to my mother-in-law, who gave me a huge collection of her buttons...thanks, Mama Eula...
.Now, I am digging out my studio...there are piles of velvet, silks, all kinds of fabrics and trims, of which I have to make sense...but, first, a nap..


  1. Your pillows are stunning. I love them. Each one is so pretty and so different. Fabulous. One of my best friends lives in Georgetown. Her name is Kat and her blog is The Empty Nester. She works for the veterinary clinic there and her DH has an art gallery. If you don't know her, you really should meet, she is a doll. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh goodness how gorgeous these pillows are!

    I love every one of them - great colors and fabrics.


  3. Hey, Marty,
    Thanks...and I have contact Kat quite some time ago..she's very busy (as am I), but, hopefully, one day,our paths may cross...
    Hugs back,

  4. Jessa,
    Thanks, and welcome to my blog!