Saturday, November 6, 2010


I woke up this morning, and for the first time in nearly two months, nothing hurt! Okay, I had a little, teeny-tiny sore throat and headache, along with the remains of months of muscle pain, but for the most part...I AM BETTER!!! I am so grateful that I am finally (hopefully) over the worst of a terrible virus....I thought about my wonderful friend, Ginna, who didn't get well...I think of her so often. I lost my friend to cancer (please don't smoke) six years ago. I gave her this photograph (framed), that I took and hand-colored to hang by her bed while she was sick. After she passed, I don't know who ended up with it, but I have this, and the memory of a wonderful, funny, woman, who graced my life for many years....Anyway, this is for Ginna.
I entitled this "Ginna's Hat", my chain-smoking, Diet Pepsi guzzling, wize-cracking friend, I hope you are looking down from wherever and saying, "that's enough, Jessica, move on".... I am feeling "romantic", and thought that since I haven't had the energy to photograph much about me these past months, I'd put some of my "Romantic America" photography series I did several years ago. Those were the days, when you shot actual film, in black-and-white, then you sepia-toned, with my wonderful, new digital camera, I can push a button, and "viola", sepia..or black-and-white....never will replace the hand-colored, though...(yes, I know about Photoshop, thankyou)..

"Once I had a farm in Africa"...nope, that was Karen Blixen/Iasic Dennison, I once had a farm in Wisconsin - now, we live in Texas. I had a lovely, 4,000 square-foot garden, which I tended with love. Lot's of flowers, and an apple tree, where I loved to lie under (when I wasn't weeding), reading books, and enjoying a summer that wasn't 107 degrees for months on end. If you double-click on the photo, you will see there is an ant on the apple..for some reason, that delighted me (it doesn't take much, does it)?

I wish I still had this basket...I used to haul around a family of kittens, born in our barn...we had five, and are down to two, fourteen-year old babies...that's how I date this photo...

And then, just like "The Wizard of Oz", it springs to life in "Technicolor"....The quilt is in tatters now (I photographed many babies on it, which meant many washings), and the farm is a distant memory...I've moved on...

And now, it's autumn in Texas (this corn was on the door to my gallery in Wisconsin), and I don't mind the cooler weather a bit. In fact, I might even take a walk today! Happy Fall!!!


  1. So glad that you are better. It's definitely no fun being sick, that's for sure.
    Your photography is beautiful.
    Stay well.

  2. Hi Jess,
    What wonderful news! You sound happy and well. A walk in the cool air sounds so energizing.
    The photos are beautiful. You're a true artist.

  3. Rhonda,
    Thanks, my steps...but, anything besides feeling the way I have.
    I love photography, it lightens my soul..I also love your blog.

  4. Kelly, Darlin',
    Yes, better, a bit at a was great...
    You are a very, very talented woman in your own right...and I admire you greatly.

  5. Wonderful news that you are feeling better today, Jessica! Yay!!!
    So sorry for the loss of your friend. My sister passed away four years ago and I still talk to her and can "see" her rolling her eyes and giggling at me. :)
    I also enjoyed seeing your photographs - gorgeous!
    Happy day to you!